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Motivational Interviewing

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The path to recovery is not an easy one. However, with the right treatments and therapies, a person can achieve sobriety and live a healthy, fulfilling life free of substances. Finding the right treatment facility and programs can significantly impact a person’s recovery. Genesis Recovery and Wellness provides a safe, healthy environment for people to heal. We also offer evidence-based therapies and treatment programs for our clients. Motivational interviewing is one program we offer at GROW and involves strengthening a client’s motivation to stay sober. It is one of the many addiction therapy programs we provide for our clients.

Motivational Interviewing in Addiction Treatment

Motivational interviewing aims to build a person’s motivation and commitment to recovery. A lack of motivation is a significant challenge many faces during addiction treatment. Drugs and alcohol have significant physical, mental, and emotional impacts on a person. Despite this, the process of treatment and recovery can be overwhelming and intimidating. Some people may be in denial about the detrimental effects of their addiction. In other cases, it is not uncommon for those struggling with addiction to abuse substances to cope with a trauma or mental health condition. This can complicate their relationship to substances and make the recovery process complex. Motivational interviewing in addiction treatment can help clients overcome their fears and feelings of uncertainty by helping them build ambition to maintain sobriety. The treatment method focuses on strengthening internal motivation to change behavior. Motivational interviewing in addiction treatment encourages clients to confront their denial, examine the pros and cons of substance abuse, and think about how they want to change and ways to make that positive change happen.

Motivational Interviewing Techniques

Motivational interviewing involves four key processes that help clients enhance their internal motivation. Substance abuse significantly impacts a person’s mental and emotional well-being, so it is crucial to help clients strengthen their commitment to recovery. The principle motivational interviewing techniques include:

  • Engaging: Discussing the client’s issues, concerns, and hopes to establish a trusting relationship between the individual and the counselor.
  • Focusing: Narrowing the focus of the conversation to identify patterns, habits, or behaviors the client wants to change.
  • Evoking: Promoting motivation for behavior changes by reiterating the importance of change, building confidence in the client’s ability to change, and helping the client feel prepared for change.
  • Planning: Creating a plan with practical steps for the client to make the changes they want in their behavior.

These motivational interviewing techniques help the individual focus on their wants and improve their motivation toward recovery. It is common for some people to feel unmotivated during treatment and recovery. However, motivational interviewing with a counselor can help a client work through their feelings of uncertainty, build confidence in their ability to get and stay sober and create a plan for how to stay motivated throughout their recovery.

Motivational Interviewing Therapy at Genesis Recovery and Wellness in Ohio

Addiction is a serious chronic illness that requires treatment. Recovery is not an easy process, and it can be difficult for clients to stay motivated in their journey toward sobriety. At Genesis Recovery and Wellness in Ohio, we provide motivational interviewing amongst other addiction therapy programs to ensure our clients receive the help they need. Through this program, clients can enhance their internal motivation for their recovery journey and better prepare them to maintain their sobriety. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, our team can help. Contact Genesis Recovery and Wellness today at 216.331.2998 to learn more about motivational interviewing and our other therapy programs.