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What Is REBT?

Drugs and alcohol have extreme impacts on a person’s health, daily life, and relationships. Deciding to go through treatment and recovery is a significant decision. The path to recovery is not an easy one, but in a safe environment, with the right treatments and programs, an individual can learn to live a healthy, fulfilling life free of substances. Finding the right treatment program that works for you and meets your specific needs is crucial. Every person has a unique experience and circumstance with addiction, and their path to recovery will reflect that. At Genesis Recovery and Wellness (GROW), we provide a variety of addiction treatment programs for our patients as they go through recovery and work towards their sobriety. Rational emotive behavior therapy is one of the programs our patients can participate in that helps them improve their mental and emotional well-being. Call 216.331.2998 to learn more.

What Is REBT?

If you are unfamiliar with it, you may be asking yourself, what is REBT? REBT, which stands for rational emotive behavior therapy, is a form of therapy that strongly emphasizes beliefs and how they influence a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. REBT is similar in practice to cognitive-behavioral therapy, but there are significant differences. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on thought patterns and behaviors underlying addiction, while REBT focuses on a person’s beliefs. In REBT, the idea is that your beliefs about an event influence your feelings and emotions, which can determine how you behave or react. The goal of REBT is to reframe an individual’s irrational beliefs. Counselors or therapists work with patients to understand their irrational beliefs and how they negatively impact or lead to addiction. Another critical component of REBT is to change the patient’s beliefs and improve their mindset. Understanding their irrational beliefs and the underlying causes of their addiction allows an individual to move forward and make positive changes to their beliefs and behaviors. This is critical for going through recovery and maintaining lasting sobriety.

How Does REBT Work?

Now, how does REBT work? Therapists work with the patient to understand their irrational beliefs and reframe them in the patient’s mind. This is critical because our beliefs influence and shape how we think and behave. The ABC model is often used by therapists in REBT. The key concepts in the ABC framework are:

  • Activating event—Identifying the activating event or trauma. The event itself is usually not what influences a person’s thoughts and actions but their beliefs about the event.
  • Beliefs—Understanding the patient’s beliefs about the activating event. This is crucial for being able to reframe irrational beliefs because people tend to prescribe meaning to events through their beliefs.
  • Consequence(s)—Examining how the patient has responded to the event and how it has impacted how they live their life.

REBT is effective for addiction treatment because it helps a patient improve their mindset and emotional well-being. Addiction has severe negative impacts on a person’s mental health and beliefs. REBT helps patients re-evaluate their irrational beliefs and reframe them to be more accurate. This helps improve their self-confidence and mindset during recovery.

Discover Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy at Genesis Recovery

So, what is rational emotive behavior therapy? It is an effective addiction treatment program that can positively impact your recovery. Irrational beliefs can be a significant obstacle that patients must overcome during treatment and recovery. Addiction significantly impacts an individual’s beliefs and mental health. Rational emotive behavior therapy helps patients identify their irrational beliefs and how they have affected their behavior and then learn to reframe their beliefs. If you are struggling with addiction, it is critical to seek professional treatment. Reach out to Genesis Recovery and Wellness at 216.331.2998 or fill out our online form to start your recovery journey.