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5 Benefits of Family Therapy

son and parents in family therapy

Addiction doesn’t just affect your life. It impacts the lives of those closest to you as well, including your parents, spouse, and children. Family therapy is a type of counseling that can help heal the damage that addiction has caused and improve communication within your family. Your loved ones can provide an invaluable support system during addiction treatment, and family therapy can help you all learn how to support each other better. There are many benefits of family therapy for addiction treatment. If you have any questions about family therapy or are interested in finding a therapist, please contact the team at Genesis Recovery and Wellness today using our convenient online form.

Why Is Family Counseling Important?

Family is at the core of our lives. They are the first people that someone meets when they come into the world and greatly influence their development. A healthy family dynamic tends to lead to a happy and successful life, while a dysfunctional family can cause various problems. 

Sadly, addiction doesn’t discriminate between those with healthy family dynamics and unhealthy ones. A person may use an opioid medication after a surgery or injury, but their opioid use led to an addiction. Alternatively, casual alcohol use may have become something more serious. 

When someone uses drugs and alcohol, it impacts the family’s dynamic. You may start to withdraw from your family, distance yourself emotionally, and neglect your responsibilities. Your substance abuse can cause financial problems or lead to criminal activity. The entire family suffers when addiction is present. Additionally, if you have children, some studies have shown that they are more likely to develop substance abuse problems.

Family therapy works to address some of the challenges the family unit faces. It also reinforces the inherent relationship that the family shares, providing them with an outlet for both pain and triumph. 

Benefits of Family Therapy

There are multiple benefits of family counseling, including:

  1. Improved communication skills – One of the main goals of family therapy is to encourage communication within the family. This can help reduce conflict, build trust, and foster a more supportive environment.
  2. Better coping skills – Family therapy can teach you and your loved ones how to cope with difficult emotions in a healthy way. This can help reduce stress and improve your overall mental health.
  3. A stronger support system – Family therapy can help strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. This can provide a much-needed support system during addiction treatment and recovery.
  4. Improved family relationships – Family therapy can help improve relationships that have been damaged by addiction. This can help reduce feelings of isolation and improve your overall quality of life.
  5. Improved problem-solving skills – Family therapy can help you and your family members learn how to solve problems in a healthy way without turning back to drugs and alcohol. With improved problem-solving skills, you’ll be better equipped to handle difficult situations in recovery.

Your family may have been hurt during your addiction, but that doesn’t mean that the pain can’t heal. Family therapy can be an important part of the healing process for both you and your loved ones.

Learn More at Genesis Recovery and Wellness Today

At GROW, we recognize the importance of family in the process of addiction recovery. To that end, we offer both individual and family counseling services. Our counselors are experienced in helping families heal the damage that addiction has caused.

In addition to family therapy, we also offer a range of other evidence-based treatment options, such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT)
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Trauma therapy

Addiction is a complex disease that requires comprehensive treatment. At GROW, we are committed to providing support for our clients and their loved ones. To learn more about family therapy for addiction, contact us today using our convenient online form.