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5 Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

There are various choices that you need to make if you or someone you love has decided to get treatment for their addiction. However, one of the most significant choices will be whether to opt for inpatient or outpatient care. There is a range of benefits of outpatient treatment, but it is vital to ensure that it is the right step for your individual needs. If you’re unsure what treatment option would work best for your needs, we invite you to reach out to Genesis Recovery and Wellness (GROW). Our team members are passionate about helping those struggling with addiction, and we would be honored to help you too. Contact us today using our secure online form to get in touch with one of our treatment professionals.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

There are a number of reasons that outpatient treatment may be the best option for you. These benefits include:

  1. You will be able to stay at home – One of the main benefits of outpatient treatment is that you will not have to leave your home and uproot your life. This can be a vital factor in maintaining your commitment to sobriety, as you will not be in an unfamiliar and potentially stressful environment.
  2. You will still be able to work – If you enter an inpatient treatment program, you will likely have to take a leave of absence from your job. However, if you opt for outpatient treatment, you may still be able to work.
  3. You will have more flexibility – Outpatient treatment programs offer a greater degree of flexibility than inpatient treatment. This is important as it means you will still be able to attend to other important aspects of your life, such as family commitments.
  4. You will have a reliable support network – One critical aspect of recovery is the person having a strong support network. By staying at home, you will be around your loved ones who can offer you the emotional support you need to remain on track.
  5. You will be able to put the strategies you learn during treatment into practice – In outpatient treatment, you will be able to practice what you’ve learned in a real-life setting.

These are only a few of the benefits of our outpatient rehab programs.

Who Should Not Attend an Outpatient Treatment Center

Outpatient care is not the right choice for everyone. Some individuals would benefit more from inpatient treatment, such as those who:

  • Have a severe addiction – If you have a severe addiction, you may benefit more from inpatient treatment as you will be removed from any potential triggers and have 24/7 access to care.
  • Have a co-occurring mental health disorder – If you have a mental health disorder in addition to your addiction, you may benefit more from inpatient treatment as you will receive intensive care for both conditions.
  • Have attempted outpatient treatment in the past – If you have tried outpatient treatment in the past and been unsuccessful, inpatient treatment may be a better option as it can provide you with the structure and support you need to succeed.

If you are unsure whether outpatient or inpatient treatment is right for you, contact our team at GROW. We will perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether our outpatient programs can help you recover or if you’d be better served in a residential treatment center. 

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If you would like to learn more about the benefits of outpatient treatment or any of the treatment options available, we invite you to contact us today. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Use our convenient online form today to speak to an expert.